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Top 5 Asian Desserts That Aren’t Boba and You Can Order Them on YBB Now

If you think boba tea is the only kind of good Chinese dessert out there, now we have some news for you. Not like most of the sweet desserts as we know in western countries, Chinese desserts usually have less sugar less sodium but much more favors.

And now YBB brought the delicious taste from China to your door. We partnered with the best Chinese restaurants in the Greater New York Area, satisfy your cravings in one click.

Here is the collection of five Chinese desserts worth trying- and you can order them on YBB by one-click!

1. LUDAGUN (Rolling Donkey / Pastry Made of Soy Bean Flour/ 驴打滚)

Rolling Donkey is a kind of cake made of bean-flour and is a famous Islamic snack in Beijing. It is made from steamed glutinous millet or sticky rice, scattered with fried bean-flour and filled with red pea. After being cut into blocks, it is rolled in soya bean-flour, which is why this snack gets the name, Lu Da Gun. When you roll it in soya bean-flour, it looks like a donkey rolling on the ground, raising dusts.

As one of the ancient snacks of Beijing, Ludagun is mainly made of soybean flour mixed with sugar. It is a popular snack in Beijing.



You will be captivated by the lava-like filling flowing out when you tear open this Chinese custard bao (Liu Sha Bao).

The filling is a little sweet, creamy, and most noticeably the slightly salty, sandy, and lava-like texture of the mashed salted eggs yolk. The molten, lava-like filling is the characteristic of this unique Cantonese dim sum. Unlike other traditional buns, the one we served on YBB is covered by unique black sesame favor. The classy black and gold combined the exquisite experience!



Fresh mango chunk topped with fluffy whipped cream, then wrapped with a thin, moist and elastic crepe, pillow-shaped mango pancake is a dessert to die for.

With whipped cream and fresh mango chunks wrapped in a thin pillow-shaped crepe, you wouldn’t get enough from its unstoppable freshness. If you like fresh fruits, if you like cream, if you like crepe, I will tell you, this is the best choice you can make.


4. ICY TARO BALL (鲜芋仙)

If you are in love boba, Taro Ball is the next you can’t miss out. Taro ball a traditional Taiwanese cuisine dessert made of taro.

The taro balls can be made by mixing mashed taro with water and sweet potato flour or potato flour, making the taro balls more springy or softer respectively. The color of mashed taro makes the dessert appear crystal purple or grey. The dessert can be served with syrup either icy or hot.

The Icy taro ball from MeetFresh is one of the most popular cuisines that you can’t live without on a hot summer afternoon.



We know you love boba tea, but what about fresh fruit tea? Yi Fang experience is established in the love of traditional Taiwanese recipes & the pride of techniques passed down from generations. Culminating into unique handcrafted teas & beverages that you may be familiar with but have never truly experienced. Come in and let us treat you to a taste of Taiwan, an exceptional beverage the way fruit & bubble teas should be.

They combined the history of good tea and the freshness of seasonal fruits together that you can enjoy the elegant taste in this terrific way.

Wanna try all of them? No problem! You can order them separately on www.ybb.plus and we will deliver them directly to you in SAME ORDER WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL WAY.



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