Virtual Cafeteria

Over 100 restaurants to choose daily, your office cafeteria is larger than you can imagine.

What We Provide You Is

Challenge the Innovative Enterprise Micro Kitchen Model

Employee Self Online Order

Employees place orders and choose their own dishes through the YBB ordering platform, and label them individually. There are various choices of quality restaurants, and they are delivered uniformly according to the mealtime.

Team Unified Order

The corporate team orders directly, and the meals are delivered to the corporate dining site in a self-service or on-site dining mode. The professional operation team is responsible for managing the dining site.

Customization Service

According to the special banquet needs of the enterprise team, YBB's professional operation team provides full-process services from theme customization, catering selection, and on-site management.

Choosing the YBB Platform

Bringing You More Than Just Exquisite Meals

Save Time and Effort, Improve Efficiency

The YBB platform helps you instantly identify caterers who serve your address, and filter by food type, budget, and more. Easily create, cancel, or modify orders.

Wider Choice, Fewer Administrators

Your team’s ordering can have a wider range of choices than ever before, without worrying about putting more people into management.

Simple Management of Budget & Expenditure

Complete shows every catering spend across every event. Automatic all the data on spending, and identically formatted for easy reporting.

Meal Options More Than

100 Miles Away

It is a unique service provided by YBB

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